Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Tuesday night ballet, again, and despite the title of this post, it wasn't quite as frustrating as you might think. It was a great lesson but we (by which I mean I - the royal we, perhaps?!) are still working hard on the sisonne/coupe/assemble, only now I seem to have the sisonne and assemble, but am somehow missing the coupe! Before I was flapping my legs about wondering how to get the assemble right, now I've sorted the assemble; I'm missing the coupe. I realise this is not a really complex move, but it's like my brain and feet will not liaise with one another. How frustrating! I'm just going to have to keep trying hard and practising until I get that and the eternally confusing pas de bourre over and unders. (I get pas de bourres but 'behind side front/infront side behind swap really confuses my poor, work tired brain on a Tuesday evening.)

My main issue with all the practise I'm doing is that the more I practise, the more I ache, and although I really enjoy the practise and would do it every day if I could, I can't work out whether I ache because I'm working really hard, or whether, perhaps somewhat sadly, it's a sign of my age. I'd prefer to think the first, but I do worry it might be the second(how do you ever become old enough to say that? It just creeps up on you from nowhere.)

Worries aside (and I
do worry quite a lot- one of my less appealing characteristics!), we did do some fun allegro work today, which was great: lots of pose turns in pointe and ballet class - it makes me feel like a proper dancer even if I'm not brilliant at it!

Vaguely to return to the topic of the sisonne - my [much younger, teenage] ballet-class friend today declared, in response to my extreme struggle over the very simple move, that there was nothing quite like a sisonne to wake you up and that she would do one as she got out of bed every morning if she could! I had to giggle: she's mad!

Next project: to learn to use the Theraband I've bought. I've been googling how to use it but I need to spend some time get
ting to know what's best for strengthening my feet and ankles for ballet!


  1. There is a great book coming out soon which I think might help you re strengthening your feet and ankles. I've been involved with the research and experienced professional dancers talk about how they work to strengthen feet and about pointe work in general. Doing it right (for you) is the absolute key thing.

  2. Ah, that sounds perfect! I have the option to go to a ballet tone and technique class on a Thursday, where they work with therabands, but I always struggle to get there, since I tutor on a Thursday evening. I shall definitely look out for it, thanks Elise!

    (What is the title of the book so I can look out for it - perhaps you will review it!!?)