Saturday, 3 April 2010


Not a proper 'ballet' post today, but it's bank holiday weekend, and in the great English tradition of days out, I went with my husband and a friend to Chatsworth House in the Derbyshire Peak District. I've driven past many times, and we've even pic-nicked in the grounds, but I've never been in so it was a real treat to spend time inside the house yesterday. Although not much of the decor is to my taste, it struck me how elegant the architecture of the whole place is, and by association, the family to whom it belongs.

Deborah Devonshire/Mitford, is the dowager Duchess pictured (credit to Norman Parkinson for the photograph), and although an awful lot older now, she still looks so refined and beautiful, like she should float around the house as opposed to walk! I'm captivated by tales of debutantes and 'coming out' at the palace, so the highlight of the trip was the section of the house about Deborah Mitford and her amazing life. 

The photo captures for me an elagance of a bygone era, which, although will probably never be replicated during my lifetime, and certainly not within my life experience, is a fiction that I adore, and one that is shared by the stories and spectacles created within ballet. I avidly read the interviews on Ballet News, and it strikes me that many of the ballerinas interviewed would love to dine with Audrey Hepburn and I suspect it is for the same reason: she enscapsulates all that is feminine, delicate and elegant, which to me, is the ultimate aim of ballet.

In other news, no ballet for a week and a half now - Easter holidays! I did compensate by doing a two and a half hour class on Thursday evening (or rather 2 and a half classes!) and I'm still aching, mainly in a good way, as a result. I've got lots of practise to do, and I have a new, bargainous leotard (it was £1.70 from Porselli online!)in a beautiful royal blue colour, which I can't wait to wear to class.

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  1. I agree with you, that photo perfectly captures the glamour of a bygone era.... shame..