Tuesday, 13 April 2010


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I bought a new leotard recently; a lovely, royal blue, low back camisole leotard, almost the same as the one in the picture (except without the princess seams!). I finally got to wear it today in my adult class, but I think I may now know why it was quite so cheap...

How embarrassing: half way through my pointe class, my strap 'popped' off! It's one of those adjustable strap connections - the ones that slip into a loop of fabric and promise to hold. Well, whilst it might hold on a bra under a 'safe' top, it didn't as I was pique-ing my way through multiple pas-de-bourres. Fortunately I caught it just in time to save my modesty but decided, for safety, to wear it cross backed for my normal class as I was terrified any batterie might be more than it could take in standard-camisole mode.

I think I might need to get my sewing kit out and sew it in place, because apart from that, it really is a rather nice leotard!


  1. Oh no! Lucky to have caught it in time!
    I just bought a leo recently... my first in so long! My husband looked at all the holes in my leotard and was like, "you need to go shopping." I've never heard him say those words before. Ever.

  2. Oh No ! I think you should take it back - I mean, it's hardly fit for purpose is it ??

  3. Perhaps I should send it back, but it's such a pretty colour, and for £1.70 it's hardly worth the postage. I think I'll have to sew it..!