Saturday, 17 April 2010

The perils of being ill

So, I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat, and throughout the day I became achey and weak. Thinking it was just the result of first week back to work tiredness, I had an early night, took some cold and flu remedy and... woke up this morning at 5am unable to swallow and in complete agony.

Thanks to the wonderful NHS (no irony intended), I spoke to an advisor, nurse and doctor within about an hour, then was advised to go to the walk in centre, where they looked at my throat, told me it was definitely infected but it was too swollen to tell if it was tonsilitis and prescribed penicillin. Since then, I have slept, slept and slept some more. I hate being ill :-(

What's more I hate missing dance. Work's really stressful at the moment and it's almost quite meditative to go to ballet class and just concentrate on turnout, pulling up, placement and counting. I certainly have no time to
contemplate the daily stress of my day job. I get to be a ballerina for only a few hours a week, so I hate it when I have to miss it for any reason, but especially when it's because I'm achey and poorly. I feel like I'm really missing out.

On a positive note, and hopefully if I feel well enough - I'm going to see NBTs Peter Pan this evening. Plenty of ibuprofen and paracetamol should get me through as I've been waiting for so long to see it. I was on a training course at the NBT studios in December and saw a lot of the props and preparation for the show
- and it looks excellent. They are very much a narrative ballet company, and despite my love of all things classically balletic, I think, had I ever been fortunate enough to follow the professional dancer route, they are the company I'd most likely ally myself with; beautiful yet quite dramatic as opposed to traditionally classical.

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