Monday, 19 April 2010

Through the eyes of a child

I went to see Peter Pan by NBT on Saturday and whilst I can't remember a great deal about the production (I wasn't feeling all that great!), I do remember it was excellent, and thoroughly enjoyable. The production was brilliant and as my husband said, it definitely captured the magic of the story: the flying; the mermaids; the ship and the superb sets throughout.

However, I have to say that what made the performance for me wasn't the dancers (although captivating) or all the other outstanding production elements, but the three children sitting 3 rows back from us in the theatre: the smallest, a very vocal 2 year old in a tutu, the eldest a little boy of no more than 6 in a pirate outfit and the middle, a little boy dressed as Peter. They had dressed for the occasion and they didn't disappoint; "Wow, they're flying" gasped the smallest as Peter, Wendy et al launched into the air. Then, when Hook made his debut appearance, her elder brother, sounding somewhat shocked yelped, "It's a pirate!" There's no doubt that, due to the pitch and excitement of their voices and the fact they were in the back row of the gallery (and therefore their voices traveled forward and down through the theatre), that the whole audience heard them and chuckled as a result.

Shamelessly, I have to say it made the performance for me! It's a children's story, and NBT is a narrative ballet company that told the story so well (without words) that even three children under 7 were so utterly transfixed by the action they were unable to restrain their awe! I'll hazard a guess that they have 3 new fans and a whole audience who saw the magic of the story, and the theatre, come alive just a little bit more than usual because of them.


  1. Lovely! I love seeing all the children dressed up when they go to a ballet. It's so magical for them.