Monday, 10 May 2010

My feet and perfect pointe shoes

I promised Madeline that I would post a picture of my feet for her perusal, so here it is. I always thought I had a square toe, but I may be mistaken. They look pretty tired as I've been on my feet all day, so this is probably them at their most swollen/flabby looking, but you may be able to help me identify my toe type, which, in turn, might help me on my new quest: to buy a new pair of pointe shoes.

A couple of weeks ago I trimmed my toenails far too short and my pointe class was PAINFUL as a result. I cursed myself, and thought nothing more of it, but since then, I've been thinking more about the fit of my pointes, and that, although they are pretty, I really don't think they're the best ones for my feet. I have a really small (probably compressible) bone structure, and at the moment, my shoes (bloch serenades) feel like they're just not supporting my feet. My metatarsals feel like they're taking all my weight and although I was able to pull up and out when they were new, the shank feels like it's not supporting my foot anymore. It certainly isn't hugging my arch as I would like it to, even when I'm on pointe, I feel like my entire foot is only being supported from the demi-pointe region.

Look at the picture of my foot on pointe, and where the shank arches, my arch sits about half a centimetre above that, which is really frustrating! My dance teacher has suggested I try 3/4 shank pointes as she had this problem and needed something that really pushed into her arches to help her to lift out. I've been looking and the grishko proflex with 3/4 shank looks ideal. I come up really quite narrow in the grishko (just an x) though and the local dance store needs to order me some in. Has anyone had any experience of Grishkos - a friend has them and they seem very loud to me, but then I've heard people say that about blochs (and mine are very quiet).

It's all either a) very exciting, or b) very frustrating if this is the beginning of my perfect pointe journey.


  1. My friend has Grishkos and LOVES them I am thinking about getting them for my next pair because of her success. The only problem she faced was that she went through them really fast but she has amazing arches so she didn't needed to break them before class but she did. I hope this helps! :)

  2. Hannah,

    I've been reading your post on re fitting and would be happy to give you some shoe advice. I'm an adult pointe learner and trained pointe shoe fitter.

    Can I email you somehow? Can't spot an address...


  3. Okay - rethink. How about you email me at: pointeplace at gmail dot com if you would like some help?

  4. Thanks! I've sent you an email! :-D

  5. a lot of my friends wear Grishkos and they also love them. they are loud but if you darn the tips (i think thats the word?) it definitely helps quiet them down.

    good luck finding your perfect pair!

  6. Hannah, how do you prepare your shoes before wearing them the first time?

    I would also love to look at a picture of your feet from the sides without pointe shoes on. You have a pretty instep with shoes on. :)

    I just saw your post. Let me know if you already got new shoes. pointe shoes are better than Christmas!!

  7. Dear hannah ,I need your help. I am a ballerina , I do pointe work almost every day , my feet are exactly like yours , they are like twins of yours ! seriously! the toes , the shape , the arch

    I havent found the perfect point shoes for me yet , have you found good models and brands that fit you well? if so ,could you share? please!

  8. The ones that I keep going back to are grishko 2007 medium shanks (they're a 3/4 shank, so need less customising too) They taper nicely and look really pretty on my feet.

    I've also tried gaynors, but they're not nearly as comfortable.

    Check out my 'preparing my pointe shoes' post - it shows said shoes. Hope that's useful to you!