Thursday, 22 July 2010

The most thoughtful present ever?

As you may have gathered from some of my previous posts, in 'real life' I'm a primary teacher and today was my last day before the summer break. No more school until 6th September. How exciting!

This part of the year is always full of mixed emotions, and I always say goodbye to my children with a mixture of relief and sadness on both mine and their part. Today was no different. It also means presents, which are an obvious perk of the job (although absolutely by no means expected!)

Over the year my class have got to know me as much as I have got to know them, and they are fascinated both by the fact that I 'do' ballet and by my pointe shoes. So, imagine how touched I was when a little girl in my class presented me with a present this morning and insisted I opened it because she was so excited about it. I opened it to find this:
She explained that when her mum asked what I would like, she knew straight away and said 'a ballet book'. There couldn't have been a more thoughtful or personalised present and I am so, so touched. Although she's only 8, she really made me feel valued. Not because she'd bought me a present but because she understood me so clearly. Children are amazing!


  1. That is so lovely! It is amazing how intuitive small children can be. Let us know if the book is worth a read...

  2. How lovely. And the book is a great read ! You really must be inspiring those children....

  3. I shall let you know what the book is like, definitely!

    All teachers, I guess, hope they are inspiring to the children they teach, but like ballet dancers (and many, many other professions where you're judged publicly on a daily basis) often we find believing in ourselves so difficult. I'd like to think I inspire, but it's always nice to have it confirmed, as it's so difficult to judge!

  4. What a perfect present for you! How thoughtful and kind. I can tell you are an amazing teacher.