Friday, 16 July 2010

Quietly waiting

I am still waiting for my exam results, sadly. Every day brings the anticipation of the phone call to confirm my suspicions (or not, either way!) about the outcome. But still no news.

It's "exam season" here, so it's hardly surprising results aren't back yet, but I find the waiting unbearable. At least with public exams there's a set date; GCSEs; A levels; Degree: all had official release dates for results, but with these we're at the mercy of the postal system/ backlog of examination forms to process, and results could arrive any day.

Until they do, I can't really focus on moving onwards and upwards for this, and other reasons so apologies for my lack of blog. Since my last post, the regular teacher has been away and the stand-in teacher has been the youngish/inexperienced teacher (mentioned before) who doesn't exactly run a great class, plus everything seems to be gearing down for the summer and I'm utterly exhausted from my own school teaching and end of year preparations.

School holidays in less than a week, my holiday in just under 2. I can't wait... I'm dreaming of a relaxing week on the beach.

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