Monday, 26 July 2010

Following Our Dreams

This post is dedicated to my wonderful middle (little) sister, Kate, whose blog ( is just starting out, as she does, on an adventure into life in Cambodia.

Last September we both, independently, came to the realisation that just because we were grown up, didn't mean we had to stop following our dreams. She had always wanted to travel, so for her, it meant taking the financially pragmatic approach of finding a job in a far flung location (hence Cambodia.) For me, it meant rediscovering the passion for performance (both dance and acting) that I had always had, but since the start of my working life 4 years ago, had let fall by the wayside. So, whilst Kate begins her adventure on the other side of the world, I have begun, and continue, to travel on my own journey as an adult ballet student, feeling like I am finally being true to myself by pursuing that element of performance I have always enjoyed.

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal"

This quotation has haunted me for years, but never has it held more meaning. To anyone who has a dream, all I can say is start following it now, begin your adventure because it's never too late! It will be worth it.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The most thoughtful present ever?

As you may have gathered from some of my previous posts, in 'real life' I'm a primary teacher and today was my last day before the summer break. No more school until 6th September. How exciting!

This part of the year is always full of mixed emotions, and I always say goodbye to my children with a mixture of relief and sadness on both mine and their part. Today was no different. It also means presents, which are an obvious perk of the job (although absolutely by no means expected!)

Over the year my class have got to know me as much as I have got to know them, and they are fascinated both by the fact that I 'do' ballet and by my pointe shoes. So, imagine how touched I was when a little girl in my class presented me with a present this morning and insisted I opened it because she was so excited about it. I opened it to find this:
She explained that when her mum asked what I would like, she knew straight away and said 'a ballet book'. There couldn't have been a more thoughtful or personalised present and I am so, so touched. Although she's only 8, she really made me feel valued. Not because she'd bought me a present but because she understood me so clearly. Children are amazing!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Shock and Elation

A really quick and slightly bemused post to say I passed my exam. But I didn't just pass, I passed with honours, which is the highest category awarded.

I'm totally bemused but, obviously, completely elated, as I was absolutely certain I'd messed up. My feedback said I had a very 'balletic approach and responded well to direction' - my marks for performance quality were higher than for the other categories (musicality and technique), so obviously, dancing from the heart helps. Clearly I don't know myself nearly as well as I thought I did.

Tomorrow is the end of my working year, and I feel like I'm going out on a high. I'm thrilled! To everyone who supported me through kind words and advice: thank you! I really do appreciate it, and it obviously paid off!

Now: to sleep, perchance to dream (of ballet and sugar plum fairies and summer holidays, of course!)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Quietly waiting

I am still waiting for my exam results, sadly. Every day brings the anticipation of the phone call to confirm my suspicions (or not, either way!) about the outcome. But still no news.

It's "exam season" here, so it's hardly surprising results aren't back yet, but I find the waiting unbearable. At least with public exams there's a set date; GCSEs; A levels; Degree: all had official release dates for results, but with these we're at the mercy of the postal system/ backlog of examination forms to process, and results could arrive any day.

Until they do, I can't really focus on moving onwards and upwards for this, and other reasons so apologies for my lack of blog. Since my last post, the regular teacher has been away and the stand-in teacher has been the youngish/inexperienced teacher (mentioned before) who doesn't exactly run a great class, plus everything seems to be gearing down for the summer and I'm utterly exhausted from my own school teaching and end of year preparations.

School holidays in less than a week, my holiday in just under 2. I can't wait... I'm dreaming of a relaxing week on the beach.