Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Spectacular Fall!

Apologies for not posting for a while, I've had a really busy start to term, and Mr B's been on the other side of the world for the last two weeks, which has quite upset my routine and blogging ability.

Lots of things I want to update on here; thoughts about ballet, teaching, teaching ballet amongst others. But for today, and because I'm still blushing, I thought I'd share with you my slippery experience this evening(!):

During pointe barre, we were doing some pretty basic post-warm up exercises (pas de bouree pique I think - although what happened next made me completely forget), and all of a sudden my foot slipped from beneath me and I was hurtling towards the floor in a helter-skelter motion. Since everyone else was still vertical, and I made quite a commotion as I hit the floor (arms still suspended above me, clinging for dear life to the barre!) everyone stopped, stared and burst out laughing. Although that makes my classmates sound really mean, they obviously checked I was ok too, but I must have been a sight for sore eyes, legs akimbo on the floor - my teacher even, jokingly, asked if I needed a 'spotter' for the rest of the class! The only thing I could do was to laugh it off - how embarrassing.

Have you had any spectacular accidents (funny or otherwise) in class? How did you deal with them?!