Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow reason not to dance

If you live in the UK you'll know that we're in the midst of an increasingly common snowy weather front, which is currently bringing the whole country to a standstill. Schools are closed, public transport isn't running and people are struggling to get out and about. It's probably about time we woke up to the fact that our winters are getting colder and do something to deal with it rather than allowing it to stop us in our [snow] tracks.

I class myself within this group too - I am totally stumped by the onset of snow. So much so that for the first time in months and months I was worried I would have to miss ballet class this evening. It's about a 10 mile drive to my studios, and since I nearly crashed my car on the 1 mile drive to work this morning, I daren't risk driving and possibly killing myself! However, the lovely Mr Ballerina has agreed to ferry me to my class, wait around in the freezing cold and drive me home - he really is wonderful!

Perhaps I could just turn myself into a Nutcracker snowflake and waltz my way there...

Image: Snowflakes in Birmingham Royal Ballet's production of The Nutcracker
© Bill Cooper