Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!

A couple of days late, I know, but Happy New Year to everyone! I have big plans (or plans, at least) for 2011, both dance and non-dance related and am looking forward to all of the opportunities that the new year brings. Some of the things I'm looking forward to (not necessarily in chronological order):

  • The ballet & pointe workshop my studios has arranged next Sunday - run by a teacher who regularly teaches vocational students. I'm really excited about this start to my new year!
  • Continuing with IDTA intermediate ballet - hard work but it'll be worth it.
  • Taking my IDTA classical award ballet (which I nearly did before Christmas but decided to wait till easter - it'll be the first exam I've done in (flat)shoes with ribbons since I was 15 - how strange!)
  • The prospect of finding a new & permanent job in my 'real' life. I love my job but as I'm still only temporary, I'm going to take the bull by the horns and hopefully find my perfect and permanent job this year.
  • Coordinating a school performance of 'Bugsy Malone' in June. It's one of my favourite musicals and loved doing it when I was younger so can't wait to enthuse my children with the magic of this performance!
  • Going to see many more ballets and taking advantage of all the opportunities available through my studios & online.
  • Visiting my sister in Cambodia in July (it will be the furthest I've ever been from home & I'm very excited!)
  • Taking part in my studio's show in November - that seems a long way away but I'm excited about getting back on stage!
That's about all, apart from to say I had an amazing new year's eve, thanks to the wonderful Ballet News - I don't want to give away too much for now, but just to say it was out of this world!

Wishing you all happy & healthy dancing 2011s!

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  1. That's very sweet of you Hannah, thank you. Won't be long now.... Just R&J to review first.. Bex has been so busy !