Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Ballet themed jewellery

Last year I bought myself (indulgent, I know) a charm bracelet. I already had a charm bracelet, a present from my parents when I graduated back in 2004, but the one I bought last year because I really wanted a ballet related piece of jewellery.

Here's what the charm looks like:
Simple and unfussy, right? I fell in love with them even more when my friend's daughter told me they would fit her imaginary friend - so sweet!

But, today, whilst trawling the internet on a totally unrelated mission, I came across these:

Then imagine my absolute delight when I discovered that the same company (Azendi) do a range of beautiful ballet related charms! There's a cute tutu, a ballet dress and even a swan lake charm. Apparently, for a while, they teamed up with Northern Ballet as a sponsorship deal.  But it got me thinking: I could have a whole charm bracelet dedicated to ballet. I think I might start a ballet jewellery related christmas wish list for Mr. B!

Look how pretty they are: (all images courtesy of

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