Friday, 7 October 2011

Blogs are the new magazines. Only better...

I have only just realised this. I think I now glean more enjoyment from reading blogs of people I follow, and friends of theirs, and friends of friends of theirs, than I do from reading magazines.
Monthly magazines - Not half as enjoyable as the range of blogs out there.
Thank you internet. Thank you bloggers. Blogs are amazing! Where else can you read musings on all the things you adore (for me: ballet, fashion, arts, etc. etc) on a daily basis, and then carry on reading others' simply by clicking a tab? And all for free. Where once I would have subscribed to a women's monthly, now I can choose what I'd like to read on a daily basis, where each blog is as unique and interesting as the writer who writes it. Where each day brings new discoveries.

For someone who loves reading and finding out about others, it's heaven. How incredibly lucky we all are to have this amazing wealth of knowledge and entertainment so readily available. So, if I read your blog regularly, I'd just like to say thanks; I may not always comment, but I do always appreciate!


  1. You are so right! It is so great to read what people with similar interests are up to/thinking. Unlife a magazine, they are so relateable!

  2. I agree! I still a read a magazine or two now and again but mostly, I just love all my favorite blogs! :)