Friday, 11 November 2011

I got the job!

A quick, pre-weekend, jubilant post to say I got the job! Thank you for your good luck wishes.

The University of Nottingham (I won't be working in this building though!)
Henceforth I am no longer HannahBallerina, primary school teacher, but HannahBallerina, Primary Academic Support Manager for the University of Nottingham. I hope it's everything I think it will be; I am so excited about getting back to work, about doing something I really believe in and getting to wear exciting and pretty clothes to work (no, seriously, this may be the most exciting part, since as a teacher, you always have to consider the mess factor in outfit choices.)

I am starting in December so have a few weeks to plan my outfits and psych myself up for this massive change!


  1. aw, congrats!!! you sound like me--i would be excited about pretty clothes, too. :)