Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Missing Mr B... (and my first giveaway!)

My ever so clever husband is away on business at the moment. And when I say away I mean away-away - like on the other side of the world. He's currently on leg 2 of the trip, in Tai-Pei (Taiwan), having already visited Hong Kong, and he's going to Seoul next. Whilst he's there he's meeting distributors who sell the anti-nausea wristband 'Sea-Band' (or want to).
Mr B's first plane from London to Hong Kong
Part of me wishes I was with him, part of me wishes he was here. But I do miss him. I'm keeping myself busy, but I don't know how people do it when they live apart for months at the time (my sister's boyfriend is currently  on tour of duty in Afghanistan, and I don't know how she copes!) Still, Mr B will be back a week today. He says he's bought me presents, which are obviously a bonus, but I'm mostly looking forward to cuddles when he gets back, and to see all the photos he's taken on our new camera.

I have never sponsored a 'giveaway' before, but since I have a spare pair of Sea-Bands (brand new and boxed), I'm going to offer a free pair to one reader, picked at random from entries (if I get more than one!) who leaves a message below telling me how they cope when they're missing someone close to them, (perhaps this is particularly poignant with the holiday season upon us). The deadline is next Wednesday (23rd November) when Mr. B will be back in the country!


  1. OK, I'm going to comment! When Mario was in Rome and I was in London (ie for most of last academic year, from September 2010 - March 2011) I think I mainly coped by very long skype-conversations!! It was so hard, especially because it was my choice to move back and do the PGCE, so keeping motivated on what I was doing was hardest for me personally. But also, all the reunions were so wonderful and exciting - we saw each other on average every 7 weeks, ie at half term and christmas, and anticipating those trips, planning my outfit, planning what we would do, was a big motivator and distraction. The first time I flew back to Rome, he met me at the airport with roses. When he came to London, I greeted him at Stansted with a welcome sign that drew a lot of unwanted attention from other passengers. It was lovely having those dates to look forward to - we always booked them early so we always had an exact date and time to count down to.
    Mary xx

  2. oh dear.
    i'm currently in a long distance relationship myself, and it times it can be tough.
    but at the same time it makes the moments when we are together so special.

    but even though we are so far away he is still the person i come home to and tell all about my day (thankyou internet)