Friday, 9 December 2011

The Beauty of Sleep

My first week of work in 6 months is over and I can't remember ever being so tired. I have only worked 2.5 days this week (as my normal work pattern will be) but I am soooo tired! I could sleep for a hundred years, just like Aurora in Sleeping Beauty!

I'm so aware of the value of sleep and I'm trying hard to look after myself, so I was in bed at 9 last night and managed to sleep until just before 9am this morning. When you consider that between February and June this year I didn't get more than 1 hour a night, this is a massive improvement. My body (and more importantly, my mind) has learned to switch off and I feel like I'm still catching up with all those lost hours, and sleep feels so restorative.

It also feels like a positive tiredness. I've taken the big step of returning to work and it's been a good week, even though I'm exhausted, it feels like I've really earned my weekend! Which is great as it's my mum (and my sister's - although she's in Cambodia until next Saturday) birthday today so I am going home to celebrate with my family and really looking forward to it!

On a slightly different, but sleep related note, I noticed this poster in my hunt for pictures of sleeping ballerinas. If you live in the UK - The Royal Ballet is doing a live broadcast of their Sleeping Beauty at 7.15pm on Thursday (in fact they're broadcasting around the world too, although obviously at different times), so it would be well worth scoping out your local cinema (or the ROH website: to see if you can get seats! I saw this last year at new year and it was definitely a brilliant production (as you would expect from the Royal Ballet!)

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  1. sounds like things are going well! congrats on your first week of work. :) I've never seen the ballet Sleeping Beauty, only clips on youtube, but I'd love to see the whole thing. Merry Christmas, Hannah!!!