Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hanging my head in shame...

I broke my resolution.

Not spectacularly, but I broke it. I feel so, so ashamed.

In my defence (yes, I realise there isn't really any defence, but hear me out...) Mr B bought me an amazing bag for work for Christmas. Navy blue and smart and big enough to fit a folder for important meetings (actually, rather than me describe it, you can see it below):

At the time he said, off hand, "now you just need a purse (wallet) to go with that." The only thing I was planning to buy in the sales was said purse, but I looked everywhere (EVERYWHERE!) and couldn't find one. So, then I went and made this resolution not to shop till easter, and what fell off the shelf at me in the shop this afternoon? This:

I was *so* resolved not to shop, I'd even gone through all of my email and facebook links and removed/ unsusbscribed from anything to do with shopping! And now I feel bad, and dreadful and all things I shouldn't be, as I couldn't *not* buy it as it goes perfectly. Was it Marylyn Monroe who said "I can resist all things except temptation?"  Well, I think from now on, I am going to avoid the temptation altogether. I was helping a friend to buy a dress at the time, and it was going so well, but perhaps I just need to avoid the shops.

So, I'm shamed. And ashamed. And back to square one. But I can try again. And try I will!

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