Friday, 13 January 2012

Tag, I'm it!

Thanks to Hannah J. Holmes, I have been tagged, and now must (ok, I'm not exactly being pressured, it seemed like fun!) answer her 11 questions. These are my responses:

A trial cake,
but not perfect yet.

  • Let us begin with the most important matter: Do you like cake? Why or why not?
I love cake. Most of the time, honestly, I do! Well, let's be brutally honest, I have a love-hate relationship with cake, but I'm working on loving it more each day, really I am. What I *really* love about cake is making and decorating cake. In fact, this was my first attempt at making a mini version of the graduated pink layer cake that I would like as the centre piece at my birthday:

  • Have you ever been to Paris? If you have, tell me about it. If you have not, would you like to go someday?
I have a story about the
step at the top...
I can't believe I've never told this story on my blog, but I actually got engaged in Paris. I shall withold all details and promise to post about this soon. Needless to say I *adore* Paris. Or should I say "Paris, Je T'aime"

  • Given the choice, would you rather go out to eat at a fancy restaurant or stay home and order takeout?
It all depends. If going to a fancy restaurant gives me an opportunity to dress up really prettily, then definitely the restaurant, but I am seriously rubbish at ordering. As soon as I order I want something different. I get major envy of everyone else's food and end up not enjoying mine as a result!

  • Similarly, would you rather go out dancing or or stay home with a warm blanket and a good movie? 
This is easy: warm blanket and a good movie wins hands down each time. Nothing (NOTHING) beats curling up on the sofa with Mr. B (or my mum and sisters) and watching a great movie. Especially in winter when it's so cosy inside.
  • What's your opinion of Ugg boots: cute and comfy or too ugly to meet the sun?
I love these SO much more
than my UGGs
Comfy and useful, but not pretty at all. In fact I recently replaced mine with some minus 25 Timberland boots that are not only fleece lined, but have deep pink laces! That's right, deep pink laces! Not just functional but pretty too. And *great* for walking the dog when it's wet (nothing worse than soggy uggs and in the UK, soggy is pretty much de-rigeur for 9 months of the year - not good!)
  • Now onto the second-most controversial shoe known to man: What is your take on Crocs?
If I was 5 and crabbing in rock-pools, I reckon they'd be spot on. But I'm nearly 30 and don't live anywhere near the coast, so I think they're a)ugly and b)kind of useless!

  • Do you sing in the shower? The car? The opera house?
Everywhere. And really, really badly, but only when no one's listening! Being the oldest of 3 girls, I used to get possessive about singing and thought that my sisters couldn't possibly know the words to the songs. Sadly Kate, my middle sister, surpassed my own talents in singing and is a fantastic mimic of everything from Beyonce to Aretha Franklin (only NEVER EVER tell her I said that, it'll go straight to her head!) so now I don't even bother in her presence. But definitely in the car. And occasionally in the shower before Mr. B laughs at me and comes in and tells me I'm 'cute'! Which is usually NOT the label I'd like as a singer.

    I can't believe these are
    on my blog... Yuck!
  • Do you have any unusual fears or dislikes? 
I hate, hate, hate fruit squash/cordial/squash. Unfortunately, when I was a teacher, it came with the territory so I used to do an annual deal with my partner teacher. I'd deal with ANYTHING else (vomit, snot, blood, you name it) as long as he or she would sort out anything to do with squash (particularly ribena - that's the worst of all!) It always seemed like a good deal to them, but they just didn't realise quite how much distress it causes me (it's the smell, it's acrid and sticks in my throat - eurgh!)

  • Have you ever seen snow? If so, do you remember your first snow?
yep, on the central reservation!
Yes. I don't remember my first snow, but I do remember being stuck for 5 hours in static traffic in a snow drift on the motorway last winter (on the way to pick up my sister from the airport for Christmas.) It kind of lost its charm after that for me, although I did find the proliferation of snowmen built on the hard shoulder and central reservation fairly hilarious!

    bleak but somehow beautiful
  • Would you rather play in the snow or spend a day at the beach? 
Spend a day at the beach. EVERY time. In fact, even in the winter and the wind and rain, I would choose the beach. Mr B is taking me to the beach for a few days after my birthday. It will be windswept and bleak, but oh so beautiful. I also love beaches in the summer: They feel endless, just like summer's days!

  • Do you peel your banana the right way or the wrong way (meaning from the bottom or from the stem)?
I'm actually allergic to bananas so neither, but I always used to marvel at that trick where you can 'sew' a banana so when you peel it, it's already cut into bite size chunks. I never did work out how to do that, but you would earn instant kudos if you could show me that trick. I wouldn't even notice which end you started! 

Watch out over the next few days and I will continue the game of tag by setting my own 11 questions, and tagging a few of my favourite blogs. 


  1. I loved reading your answers! So cute and clever. :) Thanks so much for playing along!

    P.S. I think your cake is adorable, and I am looking forward to your Paris story. :)

    1. Hannah! I have now posted my story in full in my latest blog post...!