Thursday, 2 February 2012

Blonde or brunette?

For years and years I've harboured a secret desire to be brunette. I was born blonde, and although my hair has become darker the older I've got, my 'virgin' hair colour has never been anything darker than a dark golden blonde, but I've always thought that I would love to try dark hair - it looks so chic and sophisticated to me. 

But. And this is a big but: Whenever I have suggested going darker to a hairdresser, they generally recoil in horror and say "you're so blonde, it wouldn't suit your complexion." So, when a new hairdresser was cutting my hair last week and suggested that a semi-permanent colour would make my hair shinier, I assumed that she would be of the same mind-set. Hence, I booked myself in for a colour, and happily skipped along to the salon yesterday evening.

As soon as I sat down I felt that something wasn't quite right. The colours she thought were close to my natural colour were chocolatey and definitely brunette, and no matter how much I tried to convey what I thought my natural hair colour was, she was having none of it. Agreed, my highlights were quite a lot paler than my natural hair colour, but I think that was making my root colour seem darker than it actually is when it grows out. And I always feel like I'm trying to tell the hairdresser that my hair is nicer than it actually is, and she thinks I'm a fantasist or something.

But, y' know, you trust the hairdresser, so I went with the flow. I knew it was going to be darker than I think my natural colour is, but the result was quite alarming:
Now, I'm not saying it's not nice. But I'm not entirely sure it's me. It's SO dark. My hair has NEVER been this dark. Ever. 

So now I'm not entirely sure what to do. I have always wanted darker hair, but I wanted it on my terms. I didn't choose this colour. I thought I was going back to my 'natural' colour: dark golden blonde. And this just isn't that... Watch this space; it may yet change!

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