Wednesday, 29 February 2012


A very young Jennifer Connoly & a strangely attractive
David Bowie in that great 80's classic Labyrinth

Nope, sadly this doesn't mean that I'm obsessed with watching that AMAZING 80's film Labyrinth (although I am slightly obsessed with that film!) but rather than I have a virus in my inner ear that's making me really dizzy all the time. Literally, ALL the time - it is NOT nice.

Apparently it will pass, but right now it's making me feel pretty grotty. So for all of my plans to do something new and exciting with my February 29th, it's all gone by the way-side as I sit here feeling sorry for myself. There's not even much that I can do for it, just wait for it to work its way out of my system.

Mr B. and I are going to Helsinki tomorrow for the weekend, so I'm hoping a good night's sleep and some rest will help me to feel much better, as we've got tickets to see the Finnish National Ballet's Coppelia on Friday night... How exciting!

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