Sunday, 26 February 2012

Learning to ride my bike

Before the month of February is out, I should mention one of my main birthday presents - my, amazingly PINK new bike:

I've not had a new bike since I was 15, so I felt that, at 30, I should start the year as I mean to go on - aboard a bright new two wheeled vehicle, thus this was my present from my dad. Since I know how to ride a bike, and have done so recently on my 15 year old Raleigh Max 15 speed mountain bike, I didn't think that riding my new bike would be such a challenge. However, I wasn't at all prepared for the difference between the two bikes. Where I'm used to being able to build speed by pulling forward on my handlebars and pushing down on the pedals, my new bike is more reclined, and I am forced into an upright seated position. No matter how hard I try I can't lever myself forwards using my arms, I just end up wobbling all over the place. Same goes for trying to round corners. The handlebars are so far back, that I just can't get my head round how much (or little) I need to turn the handlebars. Believe me, watching me is a sight for sore eyes!

So when I took my lovely bike for its inaugural ride, I only went from one side of the village to the other but I think I caused more havoc than the village has seen in quite some time. I love everything about my bike, especially its vivid pink-ness, but perhaps I need to practise a little more before I earn myself a reputation as the crazy woman on the pink bike (who literally fell off every two minutes). That, and buy a helmet to safeguard against my own clutziness!

Whoever said it's like riding a bike (you never forget) obviously never appreciated how difficult it is to learn to ride a new bike at the not-so-tender age of 30!

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