Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy Mothering Sunday

From the very start, she has been there to guide me, to love me, and to pick me up when I fall down. She is my teacher, my role model and my friend. Without her I cannot imagine life as I know it. She has been there with me, next to me, through the good and the bad. Her patience and compassion at times seem limitless; she has found ways to nurture me when I have rejected it all. She has mopped up tears of frustration, and patiently listened to my fears, my hopes and dreams. She has never, ever, doubted me.

I have caused her worry and sleepless nights, as all children do. She has glowed with pride at my accomplishments, as all mothers do. We have grown to know each other as adult and child and later, as adult to adult. We can talk for hours, or sit in comfortable, knowing silence, as the best of friends do.

My nose and eyes are her nose and eyes. Her love for books is a love that I share. We both have moments when we snap, and without sleep we are [unanimously] a nightmare!

Whether teaching me to hop on my left leg, or consoling me after a failed driving test, she knows without me saying how I feel. Our bond is, like all mother-daughter bonds, unique. Without it I would not be who I am.

So this post is dedicated to my mum, my precious, wonderful, beautiful, one and only mum. Whom I couldn't love more than I do.

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