Saturday, 3 November 2012

In search of a fairy godmother

I wonder if the lilac fairy would step up to the plate?
Ok, ok, I know it's rude to ask for things, or to seem wantonly materialistic, but the thing I is made a big mistake. BIG mistake. I accidentally tried on (well, sort of accidentally - I blame my mum for this one!)  this beautiful coat from Reiss in John Lewis and, well, I now can't stop thinking about it...

It fitted perfectly (not an easy task, I promise you) and flattered my colouring and figure and, well [sigh] I really, really wish I could afford it. Sadly, I think I'm going to have to wait until the January sales or until I've saved up enough since even Santa isn't £265 generous (and nor, honestly, would I expect him to be.) I'm kind of hoping that I find out that I have a generous, and as yet unknown, fairy godmother, who will flutter down and grant me this one purchase, but I don't think such miracles exist. 

A girl can dream though, can't she?! 

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